Hi, I'm Shell and I create things from my sofa.
Mostly websites
To me, more than desining or coding, creating websites is about sharing experiences and laughs with a community. So, I picked some of my 90's favorites Justin Long and Hanson, as theme to test new UX and UI ideas! But you can still visit my GitHub, of course!
But also Illustrations
Back in the day, I was an Architect. Though I was never head of my class, I still somehow managed to develop a skill: Drawing! What a handy little skill this has been in my life! I even have a separate instagram for my doodles.
And I take too many pictures
I am always holding my camera and I'll most likely watch at least one movie every day. I have a personal instagram and a blog where I share a bit of my life and my thoughts about my favorite movies. Though I don't think anyone should believe on instagram, I try to keep mine as real as possible.